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Schoorsteenveger Kay Bojesen

Een figuur uit een romantisch sprookje van Hans Christian Andersen…


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Schoorsteenveger Kay Bojesen


Een figuur gebaseerd op een bekend, romantisch sprookje uit Denemarken.
'The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep' geschreven door poëet en auteur Hans Christian Andersen.

The Chimney Sweeper stands tall and straight, proudly wearing his uniform with shiny buttons, white scarf and the iconic top hat. There is something majestic about him, which H.C. Andersen puts this way: “Indeed, he might as well have been made a prince as a sweep, since he was only make-believe.” By himself the Chimney Sweeper is elegant and adventurous, and together with the Shepherdess, they become a symbol of love and unity. In the fairy tale about the Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweeper, the old Chinaman tries to force the Shepherdess to marry the Satyr. The couple, deeply in love, decides to escape through a stove pipe to the roof and out into the world – which turns out to be a bit overwhelming to the Shepherdess. Therefore, they return back home, and luckily it turns out that the old Chinaman can no longer influence the destiny of the couple. They go to great extends to be together, and the love between them makes all the difference. Kay Bojesen and H.C. Andersen have a number of things in common. They both worked passionately with storytelling, and they were both ahead of their time. They created a new way of storytelling and with their original stories and unparallel creativity they quickly became loved by children and grown-ups alike – and still are. The Chimney Sweeper is turned in FSC-certified beech wood and is characterised by the quality craftsmanship that all wooden Kay Bojesen figurines are made with. His shape is based on the original figurines from the archives that contain a number of uniformed characters created by Kay Bojesen, like the Guardsman, Mailman and the Police Officer. He is painted by hand with great precisions and accuracy, ensuring the magic and wonder that can only be added by the human hand.

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H: 20,5 cm B: 7 cm D: 4,5 cm


FSC ™ -gecertificeerd geverfde beuk


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